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the new technology that exists today replacing uranium with thorium. it's ready to use now and has been tested by the world nuclear association. it has been approved everywhere in the world to be used. it is so much safer than uranium. the united states has the third largest supply of it in the world. i honestly believe that if the american people are told about this -- granted, it is new technology, so it has not been out there long time for people to know about it, but somebody has to bring it to the forefront. are you still with me? host: we are listening. caller: for 30 years, this company developed and protected this technology. it is 400% safer to operate. it operates at 375 degrees, not 1500. you cannot make a bomb out of it. it is such a core element that you cannot make a nuclear bomb out of it. even if someone were to bomb the plant, in order for the element must be --, so it would not operate. host: here's a story in the wall street journal -- another story about the debates season -- that the report from the wall street journal. we have asked you whether you would. want the
nasa kick back and giving us wonderful technologies that propelled us and made most people's lives much more comfortable than they would have been had this technology not entered their lives. host: right now, is government about the right size do you think? or where were the but the scale on its role and its influence on your life? caller: i think that we have to be careful when we talk about the size of government. there seems to be a misunderstanding about what the size of government is. people seem to think the number of federal employees is the size of the government. but the reality is, the problems dictate the size of the government. and if we say, we will shrink the government by reducing the number of federal employees, we actually will then end up contacting people to do those tasks any way. and we cannot account of them -- count them as part of the government. but we are just paying more for that resource and now. people need to recognize that when we take our resources, it is a finite amount. it truly is. and we take that finite amount and we decide we are not going to pay a
house races. the white house is technology an attempt to infiltrate its computer system, but said it has supported the effort corporate -- has thwarted the effort. they said they isolated the event to prevent spread. they also said there was no indication any information was removed. last year, googled blamed hackers in china for accessing the records of many who including senior u.s. officials and military personnel those are some of the latest headlines on c-span. >> there is a lot of information out there that mobile usage is even higher among minority communities, then even among white communities. i have seen some pretty startling research in some of the minority communities, 70% of the broad band -- of the broadband is mobile. i am not a critic of broadband mobile what ever. after the verizon transaction we are in the business. and my comment now is not a platform comment. it is more a device, and na platform comment. that is, if you're going to do mobile on a laptop and you are going to get real propagandist because lte types peace, i do not have a problem whatsoever. but if you'r
worked this job before. i have the technology and experience they are seeking. after those people since june of this year -- i have been after these people since june of next year and i will start this week. i spent probably close to $1,400 to go to a job interview in north dakota. i was there for half an hour for the job interview. it cost me $1,400 round trip to go there to seek out this job. host: next up is savannah, georgia. caller: 94 cspan. i am employed. i'm from savannah, georgia. i was working in construction. the building industry went down. i looked at other options. in savannah, we have a great deal of the employment in transportation, import/export business, containers. it is booming and truck drivers are needed. in this area. i think that many people who have been unemployed in certain industries have to look at other ways to get jobs that are available. there are a lot of other jobs available. host: is it hard to get out one mindset of being in one career and going to another? caller: i have a c.l. license to be able to be in the industry i was in. i was prepared because
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4